Train Accident


Have you or a loved one been injured in a train accident? Many people rely on trains and subways every day. Citizens use the train to commute to work and for leisure activities. Often times, train accidents are the result of distracted operators, deteriorating track conditions, broken equipment, operation at a high rate of speed, debris on the tracks, and railroad crossing arm and system failures. Train accidents are often due to the negligence of the railway companies.

Railway Accident Causes

Train accidents can happen at a moments notice. With technology and new train services on the horizon, commuters in rural and suburban areas may begin relay on trains to get to work. With the development of high traveling trains, consumers can reach their destinations faster and more affordably. Unfortunately, the speed at which these train companies are moving is much faster than safety and tests can keep up. Therefore, we may experience more train accidents in the future.

Who Can File A Claim?

A train accident can cause injuries to more than just railway passengers. Pedestrians, cars, and buses can be involved in accidents with trains that can cause deadly consequences. If you are on foot, always look both ways before crossing railroad tracks and never park your vehicle on the tracks. If you are waiting for a red light, never wait on the train tracks. For more information about how to pursue a Train Accident Claim, contact us today.

Federal Railroad Administration

The majority of citizens injured in train accidents are train passengers, bystanders, and citizens with homes close to railroad tracks. Accordingly, the Federal Railroad Administration estimates that train accidents kill at least 1,000 people every year. Have you suffered an train accident injury as a bystander or passenger? If so, seek immediate medical attention. Then, contact us to discuss your potential claim.

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