Lyft Car Accident


Ride-sharing apps are a convenient and easy way to travel. With an increase in Lyft drivers and passengers, Lyft has a duty to protect its drivers and passengers from harm. Lyft owes you a duty to maintain a fleet of qualified drivers and safe passengers. If you or a loved one have been injured in a Lyft car accident, hit by a Lyft driver, or the victim of assault or sexual assault by a Lyft driver or Lyft passenger, contact us today

Ride Share Laws

A Lyft accident lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of the ride-sharing industry. Florida ride-sharing and auto accident laws protect Lyft accident passengers, Lyft accident pedestrians, and Lyft accident drivers. With an increase in ride-sharing, automobile accident laws are forever changing. The insurance behind ride sharing is different from other industries, but similar to other ride-sharing companies. Unlike taxi cabs, Lyft competes with companies like Uber, and therefore, many ride-sharing business models are similar. Most ride-share companies intend to maintain drivers as independent contractors because it allows drivers to work more independently. Lyft is one of those companies. By classifying its drivers as independent contractors, Lfy attempts to evade its duties to the public and claims that it has fewer connections to Lyft driver. Lyft wants ride-share laws to view its drivers independently because if Lyft drivers were employees, Lyft would need to assert much more control. Therefore, because Lyft has not adequately screened all of its drivers, some bad and careless Lyft drivers may be on our Florida roadways. A Lyft driver may or may not have the requisite amount of insurance coverage to help an accident victim.

Damages Lyft Injury Victims Can Recover

    • Past medical bills
    • Future medical bills
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress
    • Punitive damages (if applicable)
    • Other damages

Finding Fault In A Lyft Car Accident

In most states, legal precedent does not exist for ride-share cases. To battle this ride-share complexity, a Lyft injury lawyer will try to hold every available party accountable, including Lyft (if possible).

Lyft accident liability depends on the facts of your case. As described above, Lyft drivers are considered independent contractors, not employees. For this reason, Lyft may deny responsibility for a Lyft accident. In most cases, Lyft drivers are unlikely to have the means to compensate the Lyft car accident victims. Many insurers may refuse to honor a ride share injury claim. Ultimately, it depends on the terms of the Lyft driver’s policy. Lyft is valued at billions of dollars, and to protect Lyft from liability, Lyft retains highly-experienced legal teams.

Lyft Car Accident Injuries

    • Passenger injury
    • Driver injury
    • Pedestrian Injury
    • Injury to another driver
    • Injury to another passenger
    • Vehicle accident – hit by a Lyft driver
    • Pedestrian injured by a Lyft vehicle
    • Passenger assaulted by Lyft driver
    • Passenger sexually assaulted by Lyft driver
    • Lyft driver assaulted by passenger
    • Lyft driver sexual assaulted by passenger
    • Passenger assaulted by another passenger

Lyft Insurance Overview

Lyft drivers need to understand and have awareness of Lyft’s driver policies and different insurance protection. The Lyft ride-sharing app contains Lyft driver’s insurance coverage information. See below.

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