Dog Bite Accident


A dog bite may seem small, but dog bites can have long-lasting consequences. Dog bite attacks may be traumatic. Although dog bite attacks seem to only involve a physical harm, dog bites may lead to other emotional and financial harm. Sometimes, the dog that attacked you may have a history of aggressive behavior and may have even caused injuries to another person. If the dog that attacked you is owned by a neighbor or friend, you may be reluctant to pursue a dog bite claim. Don’t worry, that’s why our country requires homeowners to warn of their animal’s temperament. Some homeowners may have insurance coverage for dog bite attacks.

Dog Bite Insurance

Don’t burden yourself with the medical costs caused by someone else’s aggressive animal. Some homeowner insurance policies provide coverage for this type of injury. What’s most alarming about dog bite attacks is that most pet owners know if their animal has the propensity to injure someone. Pet owners know their animal. Sometimes, pets will exhibit aggressive behavior long before a victim is attacked. The owner may know of their animal attacking a member of their own family. Don’t let a pet owner off the hook because their dog is disobedient.

What To Do After A Dog Bite

  1. Seek immediate medical treatment;
  2. Collect all the evidence you can (photographs of your injuries, witness names, etc.);
  3. Call an attorney

Wild Animals As Pets

Dangerous dogs, dangerous animals, and wild animals are not meant to be pets because of the risks they pose to our society. In Florida, citizens have been found owning exotic animals, including: tigers, bears, pythons, monkeys, and other exotic creatures. The State of Florida has a terrible python problem. These exotic snakes are sold to citizens as a baby. Once the snake grows and can no longer fit inside its aquarium, their owners release it into the wild. Pythons threaten our eco-systems and communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you sue after a dog bite injury?

A dog bite victim may have a claim against the animal’s owner, and if applicable, against the owner’s homeowner insurance policy.

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