Day Care Center Due Diligence


Parents rely on daycare to teach and develop their children. The last thing a working parent needs to stress about is an unsafe daycare environment. A day care accident can happen even when a parent has done their due diligence. Parents research and tour daycare facilities to determine the best learning experience for their child. Parent’s shouldn’t also have to worry about the safety of the facility. Even seemingly respectable daycare facilities may be unsafe. Daycare owners and workers need to be transparent and trustworthy. Daycare owners and workers owe a duty of care to infants and children.

Day Care Center Violations

    • Failure to Supervise
    • Unsafe Worker/Child Ratio
    • Safety Code Violations
    • Safety Hazards
    • Choking Hazards
    • Caretaker Negligence
    • Mental Abuse
    • Physical Abuse
    • Emotional/Psychological Abuse
    • Sexual Abuse

Federal Childcare Laws

Federal law requires every state to maintain records and implement policies and procedures to protect our infants and children from unsafe daycare environments. State policies vary by state, however, every daycare center owes a duty of care to each child it supervises. Daycares must provide a safe and educational environment for our children. Florida law requires that daycare facilities abide by certain worker/child ratios. More specifically, Florida law provides how many children may be present per worker, how many children per facility, emergency procedures, safety requirements, education, learning, and physical activity.

The American Association of Pediatrics (“AAP”) found that many states have fallen behind the recommended guidelines for child health and safety. As a result, the AAP has adopted standards to establish physical space requirements, worker/child ratios, and other health and safety standards.

Florida Childcare Laws

Florida requires child care facilities to maintain specific licenses and standards. Child care requirements and licenses ensure that our infants and children are safe. Daycare owners and workers must also be competent. Tip For Parents: when a parent is deciding on daycare, remember to ask the daycare center about their licenses. Sadly, some child care facilities and daycare centers try to operate without obtaining proper licensing. Sometimes, even licensed daycare workers may be incompetent, whether the Daycare worker makes a negligent or intentional mistake.

The National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (“NACCRRA”), helps assist parents when deciding where to send their infants and children. The NACCRRA is a network of 850 care facilities. Resource and referral centers, can aid a parent in choosing a safe and reputable daycare facility for their child.

Day Care Center Injuries

If your child sustained injuries while at daycare, your child may have a claim for damages for their injuries. Your child may be able to recover damages by pursuing a claim against their daycare facility. If your child’s daycare is unsafe or designed in a dangerous manner, the owner and workers may be liable for your child’s injuries.

Day Care Centers Owe Children A Duty Of Care

The duty of care standard requires daycare workers and owners to care for infants and children in a manner similar to a reasonable person in a similar situation. The duty of care standards extends to every facet of daycare activity, including: meals, bathrooms, common areas, classrooms, playgrounds, swimming pools, during transportation, and other daycare areas.

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