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Construction accidents can have life long consequences. Florida’s commercial and residential landscape is constantly changing. Florida has very specific regulations for construction and building standards. Sometimes, construction workers or bystanders are injured because of careless construction sites. Construction is one of leading industries in Jacksonville and may expose more workers and bystanders to risks of construction accidents and fatalities. If you or a loved one were injured on or near a construction site, contact us today.

Construction Accident & Safety Statistics

In 2015, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) reported that 3 out of 10 safety infractions occurred on a construction site. State and federal laws govern construction safety standards and specifications for construction sites.

Construction Accident Claims

Construction accident victims may be able to pursue a number of different legal claims, including:

    • Wrongful Death
    • Worker’s Compensation
    • Personal Injury
    • Product Liability

Causes Of Construction Accident Injuries

Defective Equipment

    • Machine Malfunction
    • Defective Equipment
    • Improper Maintenance
    • Misuse of Tools

Equipment Accidents

    • Crane Accident
    • Collapsed Structures
    • Forklift Accident
    • Sky Scraper Accident
    • Scaffold Accident
    • Window Washing Accident
    • Harness Accident
    • Hoist Accident

Exposure to Harmful Conditions

    • Electrocution
    • Exposure to Gas
    • Explosion
    • Fire
    • Compressed Gases
    • Toxic Substances
    • Lung Illness
    • Silicosis Injuries

Insufficient Safety

    • Poor Safety Conditions
    • Lack of Safety Management
    • Lack of Safety Oversight
    • Inexperienced Training Personnel

Insufficient Training

    • Inefficient Training
    • Insufficient Safety Training
    • Insufficient OSHA Training

Third Parties

    • Injuries Sustained by a Third Party
    • Injuries Sustained on a Job Site

Workplace Injuries

    • Welding Injuries
    • Cutting injuries
    • Trip and Fall
    • Slip and Fall
    • Falling Debris
    • Falling Objects
    • Improper Equipment Use
    • Falls from elevated surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions

After a construction accident, who can a victim sue?

Several entities may be at fault for your construction accident injuries, including:

    • Construction Owners
    • Construction Site Owners
    • General Contractors
    • Sub-Contractors
    • Architects
    • Engineers
    • Manufacturers
    • Suppliers
    • Retailers
    • Business Owners
    • Other Contractors
What should I do after a construction accident?

If you have suffered a construction accident injury, it is extremely important to seek immediate medical attention. After getting medical attention, reach out to a construcion accident attorney.

How can a construction accident attorney help?

A construction injury lawyer will request insurance information, reports, statistics, prior accidents, request medical records, take any available pictures, find witness contact information, police reports, etc. A construction accident lawyer will look at the company’s track record for claims and worker safety. Often times, the same companies expose their workers to unsafe work conditions. The above-mentioned documents will help develop the timeline of the events and your damages to include in a demand package that will be sent to the opposing party’s insurance carrier.

What types of damages can I sue for?

Construction injury victims and relatives can sue at-fault parties for several types of damages, including:

    • Past Medical Expenses
    • Future Medical Expenses
    • Property Damage
    • Lost Wages
    • Living Expenses
    • Mental Anguish
    • Pain and Suffering
    • Loss of Consortium
Can OSHA help construction accident victims?

OSHA promotes and enforces construction safety and requires construction companies to maintain a safe working environment. To assist with OSHA’s oversight, OSHA permits construction workers and employees the ability to:

    • Request that OSHA inspect a job site
    • Utilize legal rights to prevent retaliation or discrimination
    • Train employees about hazards, injury prevention, and OSHA standards
    • Teach employees how to use OSHA regulations on their job site
    • Conduct tests to inspect and find hazards on a job site
    • Review employment and human resource records to examine work injuries and illnesses

An attorney can help injured construction workers file a complaint with OSHA. Employers are not allowed to fire, demote, or otherwise retaliate against any employee who files an OSHA complaint. If a construction company retaliates against a construction worker that files an OSHA complaint, an attorney can help file a claim against the employer for their retaliation.

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