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Watercraft, jet ski and boating accidents can occur in many places, even on commercial cruises and cargo ships. Boating accidents occur while enjoying recreational activities, Floridians use pontoon boats, jet skis, ski boats, cruisers, speed boats, and fishing boats. Water activities can be extremely fun, but water activities can be dangerous. Similar to highways and dangerous roadways, a number of issues can arise on the water. If you or a loved one have been injured in a jet ski or boat accident, contact us today.

Boating Standards

Our society ensures that an automobile driver must meet a certain set of standards.  Most states require the completion of a driver education course and dozens of hours behind the wheel. Boating licenses do not require these same types of hurdles. A Florida resident can obtain a boating license with minimal training (over the internet) and a small licensing fee. Inexperienced boat operators can cause injuries and deaths to their passengers and other boaters. It gets worse. Inexperienced boat operators under the influence of drugs and alcohol can lead to more dangers on our waterways.

Don’t try to navigate Florida’s complex boating laws alone. Driving a boat takes practice and skill. Any lack of skill, focus, or training, or impaired operation may lead to disaster.

Operator Negligence

    • The operator caused a collision(s) with other boats, people, or objects
    • Contacted a person with their boat’s propeller
    • Failed to know the FFWCC water navigation rules
    • Failed to carry the proper safety equipment
    • Did not carry the correct amount of life jackets
    • Operated at a high rate of speed
    • The operator overcrowded their vessel
    • BUI – the operator was Boating Under the Influence
    • The operator was boating while under the influence of drugs

If a boat operator navigates our waterways under the influence of drugs or alcohol, boat operation can become more difficult and the consequences may be deadly. Alcohol plays a major factor in causing passenger injuries or accidents with other boaters.

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