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Airbnb rentals have become as popular as hotels. As ride sharing and home sharing become more common, premises liability issues may become more frequent. Florida law requires homeowners and Airbnb to maintain short term rental properties in a safe and working condition. It’s the duty of the rental agency, owner, and Airbnb to prepare the Airbnb rental in a reasonable and safe manner for all guests. Florida law provides specific remedies to consumers against Aribnb and Airbnb hosts that do not protect Airbnb renters. If you or a loved one have been sustained an injury related to an Airbnb accident, contact us today.

Airbnb Accidents And Injuries Create Legal Issues For Short Term Rentals

Airbnb combined the uniqueness of individual homes, vacation, and tech to create a new consumer market. Although some Airbnb homes are desirable, this new Airbnb market may have created an entirely new set of claims due to a lack in safety standards. Airbnb bookings require users to agree to a lengthy contract and release that serves Airbnb, the host, and/or the rental agency. Fortunately, signing a release does bar you from filing a premises liability claim against Airbnb and your host. Many Florida residents and residents from other states Airbnb Jacksonville.

Common Injuries Caused By Airbnb Accidents

    • Falling objects or debris
    • Slip-and-falls or trip-and-falls in stairwells with nonuniform step heights or broken railings
    • Deck and stairway collapses due to negligent construction
    • Playground equipment failure
    • Defective elevators or escalators (shoes, clothing or feet becoming entrapped because of brush guard problems)
    • Hazardous doors or windows that may allow falls when screens or required tempered glass is missing
    • Assaults or break-ins due to negligent security or insufficient window and door locks, fencing or guarding equipment, and security
    • Negligent security related to insufficient lighting and gate code access
    • Failure to repair parking stops and pavers

Of course, not all injuries sustained at an Airbnb property are caused by the host. However, if the owner creates or knowingly allows a hazard to exist, without resolving it, the host and Airbnb may be liable.

Airbnb Host Insurance Program

Airbnb provides its Airbnb hosts with Host Protection Insurance. All Airbnb homes come with insurance designed to protect Airbnb hosts. Airbnb insurance protects against third party liability claims. Moreover, Airbnb insurance protection includes primarily bodily injury claims. Short term renters can sue: hosts, landlords, security companies, property management companies, and Airbnb. Airbnb’s policy covers claims up to $1 million.

Host Protection Insurance applies to any Airbnb host listing property with Airbnb. Importantly, Airbnb also provides primary protection, which means that a host can exhaust Airbnb’s insurance policy first, and its personal insurance policy second. Airbnb insurance does have some exclusions.

What Types Of Accidents Does Airbnb Insurance Not Cover?

    • Intentional violent acts such as assault and battery, including sexual assault
    • Terrorism
    • Theft
    • Pollution, asbestos, lead, mold, bed bugs, or bacteria
    • Product liability
    • Defamation
    • Car Accidents
    • Natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods

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