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Has your family experienced the accidental death of a loved one? Notably, many accidental death and accidental dismemberment policies, also known as ad&d insurance, may have exclusions for illnesses that lead to a policyholder’s death. Here’s the catch, how many people do you know that die in perfect health? The answer is few. Furthermore, death related to illness may be one of the most common reasons for denial of an accidental death claim.

Additionally, there are many other reasons for denial of claims. Indeed, claims that involve prescription drug misuse, recreational drugs, or alcohol may be denied. Are you an accidental death beneficiary? If your accidental death beneficiary rights have been delayed or denied, don’t wait, contact us today for a consultation.

How We Can Help

Before our firm appeals an accidental death denial, we conduct an investigation. What does our firm look at:

    • The life insurance policy
    • Medical records
    • Toxicology reports
    • Medical examiner’s reports
    • Coroner’s reports
    • Death certificate
    • Doctor’s records
    • Policy exclusions
    • Other records

We use this information to determine the true cause of the accident death or accidental dismemberment. This allows us to determine whether the insurance company has properly interpreted the policy terms.

In addition, our firm conducts legal research to find similar cases and their outcomes. If necessary, we will hire medical experts to prepare expert opinions, including, the cause of the insured’s accidental death. In motor vehicle accident cases, we may hire an expert to reconstruct the accident scene. An accident reconstruction or demonstration will help the court see the cause of the accident.

Common Reasons for AD&D Denial

Beneficiary Stress

Have you been named a beneficiary on an AD&D life insurance policy? You may feel overwhelmed. Additionally, there may be a number of documents and hoops to jump through to collect the funds that are rightfully yours. As a result, the insurance company may find a reason to deny your claim. Don’t take a chance with your beneficiary rights. As a result, you may lose your chance at payment. At this time, contact an Accidental Death Lawyer now.

AD&D is a secondary coverage option. Sometimes, you may not even know your loved one has it. You may forget about your benefits altogether. An AD&D policy is also known as a “rider” to your life insurance policy. The purpose of AD&D is to supplement your current life insurance plan. Do you have questions about your rights to an AD&D policy? Contact an accidental death lawyer today.


Delay between the accident and death: The insurance company may claim that a lapse of time between the accident and death voids the policy. Additionally, the insurance company may claim that the delay is the reason for denied coverage. Was your loved one severely injured in a car crash? As a result, what if your loved one never recover from their injuries? Later, did the injuries lead to his/her death? The insurance company may refuse to pay accidental death and dismemberment benefits if the death after the accident was not immediate. Therefore, this may become an issue of law. At this time, contact an accidental death lawyer to discuss your legal rights.

Health & Drugs

Illness: The insurance company may claim that your loved one death was related due to an illness. This insurance denial is very common in falling accidents. If an insured falls and sustains a bodily injury that results in other health complications, the insurance company will try to deny your claim. Additionally, if the fall exacerbates the insured’s already existing medical conditions, the insurance company may also deny your claim.

Prescription Drug Abuse: Insurance companies deny valid claims because their own medical experts have misinterpreted toxicology reports. A denial may show where the insured mistakenly reviewed the level of a prescription drug. That medical expert’s mistake may cause your claim to be denied.

Self-Inflicted and Reckless Behavior

Self-Inflicted Injury: The insurance company may claim that your loved one deliberately caused his/her own death. Moreover, insurance companies deny grieving loved ones by claiming that the death was a suicide. The insurance company may deny your claim or make you prove it was not a suicide. Nevertheless, our law is against the presumption of murder and suicide. That assumption will require the insurance company to produce sufficient evidence in support of its claim.

Recklessness: The insurance company may claim that the death was due to your loved one’s own recklessness. Your policy may not be covered. Risky hobbies like, parachuting, mountain skiing, or rock climbing, may cause the insurance company to refuse to pay the beneficiary. Whereas less risky hobbies may be covered. At this time, contact a life insurance lawyer if your claim was denied. You will receive a free case evaluation.

Accidental Death Statistics

According to national statistics, accidental death is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. How can you add AD&D to your policy? It’s simple. Simply, accidental death and dismemberment coverage is a ride along (known as a rider) to a regular life insurance plan. Generally, accidental death insurance will pay benefits. Additionally, AD&D benefits are paid along with any other life insurance policies. Plainly, the accidental life insurance can be an add-on to a regular life insurance plan. As a result, your loved one may receive more benefits.

Accidents Commonly Covered

      • Car or truck crash
      • Murder
      • Exposure to elements
      • Slip trip or falls
      • Drowning
      • Equipment accidents

Florida Law

if an insured dies within two years of the inception of a life insurance policy, Florida law permits the insurance company to conduct an investigation of the insured’s insurance application and life insurance questionnaire. If your AD&D claim has been delayed due to an investigation, call an accidental death lawyer immediately.


Accidental death insurance has many exclusions. Specifically, life insurance companies maintain a list of events and circumstances that may be reason for accidental death denial or life insurance payout denial. As you know, the life insurance company will take any opportunity to deny an accidental death benefit. Generally, death by illness, suicide, non-commercial radiation, war, and natural causes are not covered by AD&D insurance. Often times, insurance companies will deny an accidental death claim if the insured died while under the influence of any non-prescribed drug or alcohol.

Additionally, the life insurance company may deny a claim because of an overdose with toxic or poisonous substances. Furthermore, even athletic injuries sustained in a professional sporting event may end up with a claim being denied. Denied Life insurance claims can create many hurdles for beneficiaries and prevent the beneficiary from receiving payments. If the insured died within two years of the inception of the policy, the insurance company may delay your claim while it conducts an investigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Exclusions To An AD&D Policy?

It depends. Individual accidental death and dismemberment policies may contain different exclusions:

    • Surgery caused death
    • Death resulting from a physical illness
    • Death resulting from a mental illness
    • Bacterial infection
    • Hernia related complications
    • Drug overdose
    • Dangerous sports (skydiving, cliff jumping, car racing, etc.)
    • Drunk driving
    • War
What Are Common Types Of AD&D Coverage?

Four common plans – group accidental death insurance plans:


    • Accident While Traveling: accident death benefits are provided through an employee benefit plan. This plan provides supplemental accidental dismemberment protection to workers that travel on company business (the entire premium is usually paid by the employer).
    • Dependent Claims: Some group AD&D plans may provide benefits for dependents.
    • Group Life Supplement: This accidental death benefit is included as part of a group life insurance contract. The accidental death benefit amount is typically the same as the group life benefit.
    • Voluntary: AD&D plans are offered to members of a group. The accidental death benefits are offered separately and as an elective benefit.
Do I Need A Retainer?

There are several ways to pursue a life insurance or AD&D claim. Furthermore, our firm will represent beneficiaries and policyholders on a contingency fee basis. Plainly, we only get paid if you receive a settlement. At this time, call to speak with an accidental death lawyer.

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